50in50by50 State #2: Georgia

Spring in Inman Park, Atlanta Georgia

The Road So Far: Georgia— approximately 3500Km from pre-2010

I trained for sprint triathlons, jogged several miles per week, and was generally active in the heat of Savannah in those heady days of the new millennium. Who knows how far I actually went, but many kilometers were logged.

Where to get some distance in Georgia

I haven’t been to Georgia in over a decade, but most of this hasn’t changed as far as I know. My favorite places:

  • In and around downtown Savannah from the river up through Forsyth Park and beyond. You can’t go wrong weaving in and out of the grid layout, exploring the squares, watching as people get super confused about how to drive around the squares… and of course stopping off for food and beverages from the always on-trend places that make sense in a city that is the home of SCAD.
  • The Savannah National Wildlife Refuge (fair warning: the bugs are murderous so bathe in DEET first). This is an excellent place to see shore birds and raptors among many others and has great paths to wander for hours. The loop road is for cars and is a few miles long, and there are dykes that criss-cross the whole thing that easily add miles and fantastic wildlife sighting opportunities too. Technically this is in South Carolina if that matters for your state count.
  • The Old Tybee Railroad rail trail and Fort Pulaski National Monument. More bugs, more DEET required. Beautiful rail trail with water on both sides that runs about 6 miles total on an out and back if memory serves. If you add in Fort Pulaski you can easily get 10 miles or more, while running into birds, deer, and a lot of natural beauty.

Celebrating Georgia Indigenous Voices

The Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee are a tremendous resource for history, language preservation, and education. Exploring their web site and videos is time well spent.



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J Taylor

J Taylor

Freewalker with a goal of walking at least 50Km in all 50 states by the end of my 50th year.