50in50by50 State #13: West Virginia

The historic roundhouse in Martinsburg WV. Photo by author in June 2022

West Virginia — 51.41Km, June 2022

Walking in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia

We got into Martinsburg in the late afternoon on a Sunday, and I had an unusually busy work week lined up. One of the biggest lessons learned on this trip is that if I can’t spend at least one full day off to really explore, I’m short-changing my stay and the place I’m visiting.

Stereotypes? What stereotypes?

Celebrating West Virginia’s Indigenous Voices

The Appalachian region has been inhabited for at least ten thousand years, and is the traditional homeland of many nations. West Virginia isn’t the only example of aggressive erasure of this fact, but its history on the subject offers a glimpse into why so many people think that Indigenous people are not part of modern American society. The state’s official stance has long been that West Virginia was, essentially, unpopulated when it was settled. It doesn’t get more erased than that.



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J Taylor

J Taylor

Freewalker with a goal of walking at least 50Km in all 50 states by the end of my 50th year.